Monday, 10 July 2017


Sometimes I still get that wonderful giddy feeling when I think about the fact I am apart of such a friendly community of bloggers who continuously support each other; other times I am frustrated with the lack of views I have received or feeling the pressure of developing the well known writers block. 

Recently I realised that things have changed, for starters in the two years that I have maintained this blog I have learnt so much; how to keep an audience, meeting new people and discovering new blogs, but also becoming closer with the very first bloggers who welcomed me when I started. 
With all the positive changes unfortunately the negative follows, I came to realise that all the past posts I have written were not necessarily done out of passion. Some were written when I was bored, upset, angry or just because I felt like my blog was slipping and I needed to get something, anything out there, it was written from one quick thought and in one quick draft, posted and called content. 

That is not who I am and I am embarrassed about the lack of effort in my previous posts, I look back on them and it makes me sad, I want to write from my heart - As cringy as that sounds! With planning, drafting, and not clicking publish until I am 100% happy with what I have developed. I have decided that in order for me to move forward and progress onto the future I must erase my relation to my blog that means deleting every post. 

This may seem super silly to some people but I do believe these posts are having a negative effect on my ability to write, I love this blog and I want to see it grow and thrive. I guess I kinda feel like the past doesn't define who I am and I want to show the blogging community that I can do this and I am a good blogger/writer. 

So I guess this is a welcome, to my first post as a newly defined writer, I hope this simple change can help me grow as a person and prevent me from being afraid of writing what I really want to write. 

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